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  • Jane Batchelor

Partnering Services Update

Over the past few months, Arden Estate Partnerships (AEP) have been supporting clients in responding to business-critical issues brought about by COVID-19. AEP and its management services provider, gbpartnerships, will continue to do whatever it can to support local communities, health and care organisations, plus the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, clients and delivery partners, to reduce the potentially devastating impact to life, health and wellbeing.

Projects being delivered across the area include:

  • a programme management office (PMO) service for Primary Care estates across the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership been put in place from March 2020, running for a period of 12 months.

  • WN PLACE recovery programme commenced in May-20 running until Nov-20, looking at the local response to COVID-19 health and care system capacity.

  • Houlton Feasibility Study and Options Appraisal.

  • Weddington Feasibility Study (now completed).

If you are interested in finding out more about any of this work, please contact Vicki Ridgway using the contact form on the bottom of the homepage.



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