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  • Jane Batchelor

New artworks unveiled at four Coventry health centres to mark World Mental Health Day

The link between art and wellbeing has been recognised in a series of new commissions at health centres across Coventry to mark World Mental Health Day (Saturday, October 10).

Arden Estate Partnerships, which manages four health centre buildings across the city, commissioned four artists and art groups to brighten up the centres on behalf of the patients and the staff.

The organisation, which is a Coventry 2021 Club Member, unveiled the work at the Keresley Green Medical Centre; the Longford Primary Care Centre; City of Coventry Health Centre; and Clay Lane Health Centre. The work has been developed using the Moving Blue paint which has been created in the build-up to the city’s year as UK City of Culture in 2021.

Arty-Folks with their artwork which will be on display at Longford Primary Care Centre

George Marsh, Chair of Arden Estates Partnerships, said:

“Our Board are proud supporters of the City of Culture 2021 initiatives, and we hope these pieces of art goes someway to enabling members of the community visiting our properties, to engage and be part of cultural celebrations.”

Artist Andy Farr created the piece at the Keresley Green Medical Centre after making contact with local people to find out about their memories of the area and themes including the old colliery and links to The Specials have been built into his work.

Artwork by Andy Farr, on display at Keresley Green Medical Centre

Arty-Folks also did its research into what makes Longford unique and created four panels reflecting the area to brighten up the entrance of the Longford Primary Care Centre.

Michael Batchelor opted for a large-scale piece of artwork to express the history of transport and movement in the city – from running and riding horses through to the invention of the jet engine – for his piece at the City of Coventry Health Centre.

Artwork by Michael Batchelor, on display at City of Coventry Health Centre

The final piece at the Clay Lane Health Centre has been created by Lauren Mclardy and takes inspiration from local people. It is made up of hand-drawn illustrations using different shades of blue to represent Moving Blue as well as a hint of orange for contrast. Lauren commented:

“It’s been great to work on this project, understanding the community and embedding some culture and promoting wellbeing at Clay Lane Health Centre. I hope the artwork brings some joy and starts a conversation within the community.”

Artwork by Lauren Mclardy, on display at Clay Lane Health Centre

Chenine Bhathena, Creative Director of Coventry City of Culture Trust, said:

“We are delighted to have built connections between Arden Estate Partnerships and local artists in the run-up to 2021, and to facilitate this important creative collaboration between art, health and wellbeing. These four new artworks commissioned from local artists and using our Moving Blue paint, have transformed these health centres and hopefully will make them more vibrant and welcoming places for patients and their families to visit. Art is a great way to bring attention to mental health and wellbeing. On World Mental Health Day, it is great to see the reveal of these four new artworks, which give us more reasons to have important conversations that raise awareness about the state of our mental health.”


Artists Contact Details

Lauren Mclardy Insta: @lauren_mclardy_design

Etsy Shop: LaurenMclardyDesign

Michael Batchelor Insta: @dynamickart

Andy Farr Insta: @andyfarrart

Insta: @artyfolks


About Arden Estate Partnerships

Arden Estate Partnerships (AEP) is a Local Improvement Finance Trust Company (LIFTCo) which was set up by Government in 2003 to address inequalities in health and social care estate throughout Coventry and adjacent areas. AEP are a long-term public private partnership and to date have invested over £34M locally through new developments.

AEP is a public private partnership between Community Health Partnerships (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Department of Health) and gbconsortium2 led (made up of Equitix and gbpartnerships). Bringing together both public and private sector skills allows a wide range of expertise and experience in developing, designing and providing high quality health and social care buildings.

gbpartnerships provide the property management services, ensuring that these important buildings are managed and maintained to a high standard.



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