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  • Jane Batchelor

Increasing the biodiversity within inner city Coventry.

Baron and previously uncared for wasteland outside Clay Lane Health Centre, has been transformed into a haven for bees and wildlife.

Over 40 bee friendly and pollinating plants have been planted in the space that surrounds the front and side of the healthcare building. The new soft-landscaping provides a welcoming entrance for patients and staff entering to the building, along with a bio-diverse habitat in a highly urban area that has very few green spaces.

The timing of the planting allows for the new plants to establish themselves ahead of Spring 2022 when they will start to come into bloom. This latest improvement to the healthcare estate in Coventry by Arden Estate Partnerships and FM provider Bellrock Group, aligns with the wider aims of the partnership, encouraging more biodiversity within the local communities and in turn, improving the lives, health and wellbeing of residents and patients.



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