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  • Jane Batchelor

Coventry UK City of Culture announces Coventry Moves Together

On Saturday 5 June, Coventry City of Culture Trust is inviting people across the city and beyond to join in with Coventry Moves – a massive celebration of the city to be enjoyed from your own doorstep.

As the day draws to a close, local and community radio stations will unite for the premiere of Coventry Moves Together, a brand new piece of music created by composer Dan Jones using Coventry children’s voices.

At exactly 20:21, BBC CWR, Block Radio, Radio Panj, Hillz FM, Radio Abbey, Fresh, Vanny Radio, Radio Plus and Arawak will all begin playing individual streams of music simultaneously.

These streams will weave a musical tapestry across the city, turning Coventry and its radio stations into a giant surround sound system.

In order to get the full effect, the City of Culture Trust needs you to connect with your neighbours in advance to decide who’s tuning into which station. Then at exactly 20:21, using every possible radio device - portable radios, car stereos, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth speakers and more – the residents of Coventry will come together to share in something beautiful.

Talk to your Neighbours. Tune In. Take Part. #CoventryMovesTogether.

Arden Estate Partnerships are proud to be Club 2021 members to the Coventry City of Culture Trust.



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