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Arden Estate Partnerships LIFT (previously known as Coventry Care Partnerships) is a public private partnership between Community Health Partnerships (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Department of Health) and gbconsortium2 led (made up of gbpartnerships and Equitix). Bringing together both public and private sector skills allows a wide range of expertise and experience in developing, designing and providing high quality health and social care buildings.

Arden Estate Partnerships has a 25 year agreement with local public sector partners to provide fit for purpose health and social care buildings in line with local Strategic Services Delivery Plans (SSDP).

Arden Estate Partnerships is able to offer individual clients from GP practices, private clients, the private, voluntary and independent (PVI) sector and registered social landlords the opportunity to develop purpose built accommodation to their tailored needs. Arden Estate Partnerships provides solutions that ensure greater efficiency and utilisation of assets, through its full range of services and skills:

Facilities & Estate Management

Healthcare Planning

Whole System Planning



Workforce Change Programme


Strategic Planning

Master Planning

Centre Management

Property Development

Utilisation Analysis & Improvements

Project Management


Financial Analysis & Modelling

Consultation Programmes

Capital Development




Please visit our contacts page to arrange an informal discussion of how we could help.

Partnering Services

Arden Estate Partnerships services refer to any private sector service that is procured to fulfil a need by a participant. These services can be used for any LIFT project including:

  • New builds
  • Refurbishments
  • Small capital works


AEP also operate outside of the LIFT framework and have the ability to act quickly to the needs of our clients. From this, we can look at a range of projects from move management to full scale development. We are flexible in our approach and would be happy to discuss further. Our partnering services are available to any public sector organisation.


What services do you offer?

Our supply chain features expert support to meet any need your project requires. As well as architects, engineers and surveyors who can help get your project off the ground, we also offer ongoing support such as FM consultancy.


How do I apply?

If your organisation is interested in using Arden Estate Partnerships for a project, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Benefits of AEP

Working with AEP creates a host of benefits for both local commissioners and service users alike. These benefits range from the quality of service and skill AEP are able to deliver, right through to the attention to detail, such as ensuring a building is usable from day one.


Other benefits include:

  • Pre-procured vehicle (delivering faster results and value for money)
  • Public private partnership
  • Partnership working
  • Diffusion of responsibility
  • Flexible risk share
  • Facilities tailored to the users needs
  • Access to private finance
  • Innovative whole life systems
  • Flexible lease arrangement
  • Maintenance of facilities for 25 years
  • Turnkey Developments

Design Principles

In all of our projects, Arden Estate Partnerships adopts design principles to achieve key aspirations of:

  • An excellent environment for users and visitors alike
  • Resilience and fit for the future, with the flexibility to change
  • Offering economic value
  • Sustainable in terms of social, economic and the environment
  • Accessible to all
  • Welcoming and easy to find your way around
  • A building of civic pride

By following these principles we aim to produce and develop buildings that work with the community and for the community.

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Registered Office: Arden Estate Partnerships, 15th Floor, Cobalt Square, 83 - 85 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8QG. Registered in England and Wales, registration number 5030528